This is mostly about the song that underscores the montage of Morgen's recovery. In it he celebrates the memory of his brief encounter with laura and the supernatural mysteries of Morningstone, but its lyrics and arrangement are the product of Morgen's conscious skills as a writer-composer. It further reveals that Morgen has not "gotten over" his "Mystical Encounter." and now offers it to the world, in language the world can readily understand. He has been through the looking glass and returned. He sings, "If the sun should rise in the west, I won't be surprised," and in that looking-glass world, the sun does rise in the west. More importantly, we begin to see what Morgen's commitment to the message of his otherworldly adventure. He has the skill, wealth, power and independence to get their message out. Small wonder he was chosen by the Muses.
Travis Edward Pike
28 January 2019, Otherworld Cottage