Morningstone has Morgen awakening, none the worse for wear, convinced that his midnight adventure was all a dream. In Man and his Symbols, Carl Jung points out that the symbols in any dream must be interpreted in terms of what they may mean to the individual dreamer. Although there are recurring archetypes, the analyst dare not fall into the trap of thinking that because a symbol has been identified in one individual's dream as having a particular connotation, it will have the same connotation in another individual's dream.

      In the novel, we may "eavesdrop" on Morgen's thoughts, and he can mull over his "dream" and decipher what it all means to him, and thus convey its meaning to the reader. In fact, because Morningstone is my creation, I have consciously shaped it into its present form to reflect my own dreams and research within the boudaries of this musical fantasy adventure. But like a dream forming in an unconscious mind, I am not telling you everything, at least not yet. We are on a journey. I am your guide, but the adventure and its meaning will ultimately be your own.
Travis Edward Pike
28 January 2019, Otherworld Cottage