You might expect to find this page with THE MUSIC, but it belongs here. When I was gathering the elements for Travis Edward Pike's Official Homepage, I listened to a song I wrote in 1967, and recorded with "Travis Pike's Tea Party" as the flip side of "If I Didn't Love You Girl," and as I made subtle changes to it for Morningstone, I began to wonder when I really started working on this musical. The reason I put it here, with The Mysteries, is because of its lyrics, and realized, again, that it was always a song to a perfect "other." I cannot help but wonder, all these years later, if that perfect "other" was always the Ninefold Muse.

Listen to "The Likes of You."

      This was written at least two years after my auto accident in Germany, and I confess I have no memory of ever meeting Laura, but as Carl G. Jung points out, dreams are, by their nature, products of the unconscious, and after that wreck, I was out for a while . . .
Travis Edward Pike
28 January 2019, Otherworld Cottage