The classroom scene in the pub appears to be about the mythological figures represented in the "movie." Really, we're dealing with the sort of supernatural aid introduced in The Hero with a Thousand Faces. Joseph Campbell refers to Spider Woman, known to the Navaho Indians of the American Southwest, as an example of a benevolent spirit guide, but Laura Webster makes an excellent substitute, even down to her name, "Webster," which suggests her relationship to the Fates. Spider Woman, Fate or Webster, they are all weavers, and Laura is already weaving a spell over Morgen, aided by the half-dozen teenagers in her heritage class.

      Between her questions and the teenagers' answers, Morgen is being bombarded with information that will help him later on. But when Laura starts talking about the hero, the chosen one, the single hair upon which all depends, Morgen faints. It seems to stem from his accident, but I suspect it's cerebral overload. The enormity of the task before him, recognized on an unconscious level, knocked him cold!
Travis Edward Pike
28 January 2019, Otherworld Cottage