The Otherworld Cottage Industries Catalog Showcase
Here you'll find news, reviews, interviews, and links to songs, rhymes, and video samples, book pages and movie trailers, all our products, and where to get them. To visit, CLICK ON THE LINK (left).
Otherworld Cottage Industries hosts Kubernik's Korner!
What's new and what's next for prolific, award-winning author, journalist, and pop-culture historian, Harvey Kubernik. To see what's new in Harvey's world, CLICK ON THE LINK (left).
Visit Travis Edward Pike's Official Website
An overview of the career of the independent scholar, storyteller, singer-songwriter, author, poet, actor, filmmaker, and Chairman Emeritus of the New Playwrights Foundation. CLICK THE LINK (left) to learn more.
Odd Tales Link
1964-1974: Odd Tales and Wonders
The book, music and spoken word CDs and Demo Derby DVD
View sample pages, listen to the collection of songs and narrative rhymes, and see 1964 Demo Derby trailer, all created by singer, songwriter, and storyteller Travis Edward Pike, To visit the website, CLICK THE LINK (left).
The Grumpuss 15th Anniversary Audio Theater Edition
Discover the Grumpuss legacy, listen to Audio Theater samples, and view clips from the World Premiere of Travis Edward Pike's award-winning original epic fantasy adventure told entirely in rhyme. To visit the website, CLICK THE LINK (left).
At last, the Long-Grin Saga is back in the schedule!
A suspenseful, five-part fantasy adventure spanning centuries introduces the dragon who may be the original of the red, bat-winged dragon today appearing on the flag of Wales. Brewing in Travis Edward Pike's imagination for decades, steeped in Romano-British history and folklore, the life-size dragon lurking in the Otherworld production office strongly suggests its time is finally near! To meet the dragon, CLICK THE LINK, (left).

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