The immediate future is now. This musical fantasy adventure, set in the contemporary Midlands of England, and in the supernatural realm of Morningstone, is Travis Pike's tale of an American rockstar whose out-of-body experience triggers a sudden, profound commitment to the environment and a dramatic change in his music, its lyrical content, and its purpose.
     The rockstar is Morgen, and his story is more timely than ever, as climate change and negligence trigger disasters all across our planet. In Western folklore, a changeling is a fairy or troll child left to replace a human baby, stolen from its cradle. Morgen, now in his mid-twenties, is an adopted foundling who grew up in Boston, Massachusetts.

     Is Morgen a changeling, reared by humans, who is reawakened to his otherworldly origins and returns to our world to fulfill his supernatural purpose, or could it be that a sip from the cauldron of inspiration tranformed him, giving him the ability to see things we don't see, hear things we don't hear, and experience things beyond our understanding.

     You need wonder no longer. It's been a long time coming, but the novel is finally published and released in both Trade Paperback and digital editions, and you can purchase either version on AMAZON.

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